Review of Janaury 8th meeting

We were extremely lucky to have a presentation form Sgt Louise Hickman, from the Telford Serious Violence Strategy Project, at our meeting on January 8th and she and her colleague made us acutely aware of the serious nature of crimes and potential crimes in and around the Telford area, which included gangs involved in drug crime and child exploitation, many of which operate from private rented property.
She gave us pointers to look out for when identifying if there might be a potential problem, things like :
(1) People who offer to pay rent up front in cash for a long period of time.
(2) Appear affluent but are seeking an inferior or inexpensive property.
(3) Are unable to provide landlord or Employment references.
(4) Prefer to pay rent in cash, without good justification.
(5) Prevent you access to the property for inspections even when given reasonable notice.
(6) Possibly have certain rooms/ windows closed off from view.
If you have suspicions about any of your properties and/or occupants please contact Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111
It is always upsetting to get a bill for boarding up a property because the Police have had to force entry for one reason or another. We have started discussions with Sgt Hickman to enable us to prevent many of these scenarios, if the access required is not life and death and could wait until such times as a key-holder could be informed quite often the need to smash a door in could be avoided. If the West Mercia Constabulary had access to a ring fenced register of property addresses and their appropriate contact and key holder this could save us all a great deal of money and bother. ( It might just be to advise them that the person that they seek is no longer at that address etc or you might be available to get to the address within half an hour and facilitate the entry without damage. A number of landlords have notified some of the local police stations of the addresses of their properties only to find that the actual police that smashed their door had not been in touch with the local station. However, if that information was held at the Headquarters in Worcester, then they could be informed of an alternative before damaging your property.
Please let us know if you would be willing to have your contact details (or the details of the key-holder for your properties) listed, securely, with the Police. Once we have your acceptance we can start to sort out the finer points and start to work in co-operation with the police to protect our properties, our tenants, our communities and our livelihoods. In the first instance email me on or phone me on 01952 727322 and let’s start trailblazing.